Firebrand Brewing

Location: Cornwall
Head Brewer: Joe

We founded Firebrand Brewing to create beers that we want to drink. Covering all styles, but always standing out and never bland. Brewed on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall using the finest British barley, hops from around the world and our own spring water, we're sure you'll enjoy our beers as much as we do.

Firebrand Brewing started life in early 2014 when Joe Thomson, the Head Brewer from Penpont Brewery and Chris Hassall, his partner in the Beer Cellar bottled beer shops and bar decided that they wanted to create beers that they wanted to drink. Its this mantra that runs through everything we brew. After all, why brew something youre not interested in? We produce bold flavoured beers using plenty of US hops, along with experiments in unusual ingredients and barrel ageing to create an ever changing range of great beers. We are a growing and ambitious business and youll find our beers in pubs and bars across the UK as well as in other countries.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more