Brouwerij Kees

Location: International - Other
Head Brewer: Kees Bubberman

This Beer is all coming into the UK direct from Kees.

Originally trained as a cook, my passion for beer brewing originated about 17 years ago. Before that time I was already beer lover, but in 1996 I became a member of amateur brewers association Delta Brewers. This enthusiastic group of homebrewers organizes a brewing course every year and in 1996 I was one of the students.

So I built my first homebrew of 10 litres in 1996, in my fathers' kitchen, it was the start of a beautiful journey through a rich landscape full of lager beer, blonde, triples and pitch-black stouts. During this informative time, home brewing for years, a solid foundation was laid for what later led to a successful career as a professional brewer.

In 2007 I became the master brewer Brewery Emelisse Kamperland. At that time Emelisse was a small regional brewery. Seven years later, the beers Emelisse became appreciated by many beer lovers in not just the Netherlands, but also in other countries, like the USA, Scandinavia and Italy.

But my journey through the world of artisanal beers did not end at Emelisse. I've started a new chapter. After seven great years at Emelisse, it is time for my own brewery, a brewery which I gave my own name: A brewery where I can experiment with new ideas and brew what I think is the finest beer in the Netherlands.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more