Steel City Brewing

Location: South Yorkshire
Head Brewer: Dave Unpronounceable

     3.76 (4640 ratings on 11/10/2019)

Steel City Brewing was a pioneer of cuckoo brewing - using our own license to brew on someone else's kit. Currently based at Lost Industry Brewing, the business model allows us to brew only what we want to drink. We have no core beers, but our 'core style' is pale & very hoppy, but with frequent diversions into stouts, sours and whatever else takes our fancy.

We both love hops and dislike crystal malt so the majority of our beers will be pale and hoppy or, in our opinion, part of a growing UK style which we call "Trans-Atlantic Pale Ale"; I admit the name may appear a little out of date owing to the quality hops from New Zealand but I think its a fair enough analogy as its based more on style than the source of the hops involved. In our opinion the style is a crossover between American pale ales and UK pale ales in that it borrows the hopping rates, techniques, attitude and (usually) hop varieties of the States whilst leaving out all that horrible Caramel, Crystal, Victory and Rye malt they add to their hoppy beers for a reason I can only guess to be trying to achieve balance between the malt and hop. Trans-Atlantic combines the UKs growing love of extremely pale beer with the American ethic of large-scale hopping and, in doing so, has created a style of beer which is easy to drink, full of hop flavour uncluttered by dark malts and importantly in these image-obsessed times a delight to behold atop a bar. Its becoming extremely popular in the UK at the expense of old-fashioned brown bitter and, in our experience, is rarely to be found outside of these Islands and thus we can legitimately claim it to be a new style of beer, one we have invented, and one of which we should be justifiably proud.

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