South Western Scotland

Up Front Brewing

South Western Scotland

I founded Up Front Brewing in Glasgow in 2015 to share my love of exceptional beers and fantastic artwork with a wider audience, and ultimately, to take control of my own destiny.

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Up Front Brewing has no loans, no investors, and no kickstarter funding, with everything paid for up front. I brew by renting space in larger breweries, with each batch paid for as I brew it (gypsy brewing). My aim is to grow organically and I will build my own brewery as and when I can actually afford to.

Here at Up Front Brewing, we try to do everything in-house from brewing to packaging, in order to craft perfect small batch beers for the discerning drinker. I aim to make exceptional beer which can be enjoyed by both the newly-converted and seasoned beer aficionado alike.

By working closely with artists from all fields I aim to marry bespoke art and design with quality, small batch beers. I'm passionate about all aspects of quality beer, as well as the art, design, music, food and culture that surrounds it. It really is a fantastic time to be a brewer!

If people like my beer then Up Front Brewing will grow - my future is in your hands, quite literally.