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Reids Gold Brewing Co.

Location: North Eastern Scotland
Head Brewer: Barry Reid

Reids Gold Brewing Company Ltd is a small batch microbrewery situated in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

We focus on using as many locally sourced, fresh ingredients and the purest Scottish water in our beers to ensure that we make the best possible products for you to enjoy. We don't filter or mess with our beers. We use natural clarification processes and carbonate our beers through secondary fermentation. We don't always brew to specific beer styles as we don't want to be tied down by restrictions and believe some of the best beers come from being inventive and thinking out the box. We push boundaries, try new things and open some new doors to flavours and enjoyment, the journey has started. A lot of love, care and attention goes into each beer we make and quality and taste are the most important aspect of all our beers. we love to brew, we love to invent and we are proud to be here. We only brew beers we believe in.
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