George's Brewery

Location: Essex
Head Brewer: Sam Martyn

Established in 2010, Georges Brewery brews distinctive craft real ales in Great Wakering, Essex and offers ales through local pubs and clubs, off licences and also directly to the public from the ale shop.

The brewery presently has a range of between nine and twelve ales marketed under the names Georges Brewery and Hopmonster beers.

Georges Brewery beers are traditional English style ales, ranging from the lightly hopped, easy-drinking Wallasea Wench ale, through to seasonal ales, such as the award winning Merry Gentlemen.

The Hopmonster beers are styled upon American craft brewers, brewed with greater quantities of hops; sourced from all over the world. These beers tend to be for the drinker who is looking for that special little something; such as our award winning Snake Oil Stout.

Products Currently Available

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