Fable Brewery

Location: Essex
Head Brewer: Samuel Martyn

Started in 2017 as a Cuckoo Brewer; Fable Brewery has now grown to brew in multiple locations across Essex and London. With a large focus on community, Fable produces session beers that can be enjoyed by all and bring people together.

As we grow we hope to reach across the UK with different brewing locations; allowing us to be part of a variety of communities. We want Fable to be as diverse as it's business model. Why make people go to the brewery when the brewery can go to the people? So, if you want to be apart of the journey of a brewery re-thinking the way a brewery and beer distribution works; then get some Fable Beers on your bar!

Products Currently Available

We're crowdfunding!
Click here to find out more
We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more