Fable Brewery

Location: Essex
Head Brewer: Samuel Martyn

Fable Brewery is what’s known as a Gypsy or Cuckoo Brewery. This means that we don’t actually own our own brewing equipment but instead hire the facilities of Georges’s Brewery and other Essex breweries that meet our high standards. This means we can craft special beers and get them into the market for you to enjoy without the huge start up costs that a new brewery would normally have.

Our Head Brewer; Sam Martyn crafts our beers with passion and dedication to his art. He believes that beer should be more than just a drink; he believes that being able to create something with your own hands makes it a personal product and therefore the drinker should be able to feel this personality in the beer. At Fable Brewery we want our drinkers to learn more about us with every drink they have. Each beer should help tell part of the story.

Products Currently Available

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more