Oldfields Cider


Oldfields cider is produced locally on our family run farm in the Teme Valley, Worcestershire.

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At Oldfields we’re devoted to crafting quality cider made from freshly pressed apples. All our ciders are concentrate free, meaning they are crammed full of natural flavour!

We’re a traditional Teme valley farm with a mix of enterprises; keeping sheep and cattle since 1960, harvesting hops since ‘79 and commercially growing cider apples for the last 17 years.

That Teme Valley mindset of diversifying has helped us become a successful hop farm. And it’s why we were so interested in 2013 when Hobsons Brewery decided they wanted to diversify too. They wanted to make a quality, local cider from the finest ingredients, so we joined forces. Because if there’s one thing we’ve been doing at Oldfields for even longer than keeping sheep, it’s making cider!

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