Temple of Love

Hopcraft Brewing
Style: Blonde / Golden Ale
ABV: 3.8% Alc.
Container: Ecokeg
Connector: Grundy
Size:30 litre(s)
Attributes: Unfiltered
  • Pumpclip included
  • Allergens: No allergen information provided

    Ratebeer: 98/100. Many people will tell you that low-ABV beers simply don't have any flavour; tell them to taste this hoppy little number and then repeat that! From a combination of coloured malts to give body and backbone and a range of big bruiser hops (and a few more gentle ones!) to impart their lusciously fruity, oily hoppiness, we've crafted a beer which has plenty of flavour yet remains very drinkable and, importantly, sub 4% in strength, the archetypal "iron fist in the velvet glove".

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