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Meet The Brewer - Mash Brewery

MTB - Mash Brewery
  • Style: Meet the Brewer
  • ABV: 5% Alc.
  • Container: Meet the Brewer
  • Size: 120 litre(s)

This product listing is for the Meet the Brewer with the minimum required selection of products for the brewers to travel to you. The date offered is the earliest theoretically possible date. The best date will be confirmed between you and the brewery but is unlikely to be possible before the date suggested.

The product covers the minimum order of £300. If you'd like more beers for the event, or some of the more expensive beers then we can arrange this afterwards (beers are sold at the same price as on the site).

Some specifics from the brewery for tailoring your event:
Preferred Dates: Any day of the week.
Advance Warning: 1 week notice
Brewer(s) will travel to: 60 miles from the brewery (Winchester)
Beer commitment: £300