X-Ale 1885

Partizan Brewing
Style: Mild
ABV: 5.3% Alc.
Container: Bottles (24 bottles)
Size:330 ml
Allergens: No allergen information provided

Collaboration with Redemption Brewing. The beer was inspired by an X ale recipe from Scottish brewers Thomas Usher, around 1885. X-ale, the precursor to modern mild simply meant eXcisable and denoted any beer to be taxed now and drunk now. It was the most popular style of beer in the whole of the UK up until just after the turn of the 19th Century.

We used Redemption Brewings house yeast, which can be traced back in its origins to the Scottish and Newcastle brewery. A real treat to work with again. Such a characterful aroma, full of great memories. The malts were a secret blend of high melanoidin malts to try and recreate the mild malts of the time.

Our modern twist was using a new UK hop varietal, Mystic. Mystic really changed the entire beer in such a good way. We hopped to around 2.5g/l to match the original recipe, one of the hoppier beers of the time (any guesses why we picked it) and the impact was huge. My comparison is going to sound like Nelson Sauvin but strangely it isn't at all. Lots of gooseberries, lime, a little sulphury and maybe some very delicate peach or apricot and then quite mineraly also. Very unusual and an amazing marriage with the esters kicking out from yeast. This is a great piece of brewing history revisited and modernised, get it fresh!

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