New England Saison

Partizan Brewing
Style: Saison
ABV: 4.2% Alc.
Untappd: 3.69 (382 ratings on 12/03/20)
Container: Cans (24 cans)
Size:440 ml
Allergens: No allergen information provided

New England Saison. New England because of the way we use hops and the amount added. Also partly the way we treat our water and the texture of the final beer. The texture is the most interesting part of this beer as it's also very delicate and dry, owing to the yeast used. The saison yeast biotransforms a lot of the hop oils to give a complex and full aroma and flavour much different than a NEIPA. First started as a collaboration with the good guy squad at Pressure Drop and altered slightly to become an occasional beer we will put out from time to time with different hop combos. This one has BBC Columbus, Chinook and cryo Centennial. Enjoy!

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