Raspberry Sun

Reids Gold Brewing Co.
Style: Fruit Ale
ABV: 5.2% Alc.
Container: KeyKeg
Connector: KeyKeg
Size:30 litre(s)
Attributes: Unfiltered
  • Pumpclip included
  • Allergens: No allergen information provided

    Full Tasting Note: (Raspberry fruit beer with locally sourced Raspberries) This beer has fresh raspberry puree in it which is locally sourced to the brewery. It has a very simple malt profile and only one hop variety present (Huel Melon) which allows the raspberry flavour and aroma to shine through, this beer contains between 10% and 11% raspberry content and is a seasonal summer beer. All Beers are naturally carbonated, unfiltered and unpasteurised. there may be some sediment present but natural clarification processes have been used to try to minimise this without stripping away any of the essential flavours added to the beers.

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