Of Wolf and Man

Weird Beard Brew Co
  • Style: Wheat beer
  • ABV: 9.6% Alc.
  • Container: KeyKeg
  • Connector: KeyKeg
  • Size: 20 litre(s)
  • Unfiltered, Unfined, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Pumpclip included

Ratebeer: 93/100. American Wheat Ales do not get enough praise. We've taken our K*ntish Town Beard, a beer with a solid body and bitterness to balance, an amplified it to mark our 500th brew milestone. Packed full of tangerine meets grapefruit; there’s a lot of pithy citrus. While the dry & bitter flavours kick in, you get full-frontal pine from the American hop trio we’ve used. The thick & delicious body backs up its imperialistic character. It’s a big, delightfully bold statement of our beer today.

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