Congal The Blind

Beard and Sabre
Style: Cider - Dry
ABV: 7% Alc.
Container: Bottles (1 bottles)
Size:750 ml
Attributes Certified Gluten Free
Allergens: Sulphites

The pinnacle of hopped cidermaking. Explore our Blue Label range; handcrafted by the founders themselves from press to pack. These ultra premium, limited batch, fine ciders are made using specialist techniques and with only the very best ingredients. All are 100% juice and whiskey cask aged.

Congal The Blind
Launch Date: 08/02/2021
Year of Pressing: 2019
Bottles in Series: 300
Hop Infusion: British Goldings Hop
Technique: High ABV Oak Barrel Aged
Tasting Notes: Spice - Honey - Earth - Oak
Statistics: 7.0% ABV, Dry
Packaging: Honey scented wax sealed, 750ml Champagne.

Congal's ultimate tribute to the Cidergods was that of his mortal life. Losing his eyesight from a bee sting, Congal demanded that the hive-keeper be killed. The keeper being no other than the Ard Ri, the high king of Ireland. An affront to the earthly heralds of the Cidergods, the humble bee, the Ard Ri took the Ui Neill to war against Congal, and he was slain. Congal's beverage of veneration is a fully pressed, heritage apple blend, matured in oak whiskey barrels. Goldings hops impart spiced honey notes for an exquisite finish.

This 7.0%, 300 bottle blend is infused with Goldings hop, imparting honey and spice that compliments the cider base, unlocking a clear and symmetrical flavour profile that is inaccesable to ciders produced commercially.

Each bottle is individually batch numbered and sealed with a 29mm crown cap coated in honey-infused wax, our homage to the story of Congal the Blind.

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