EeBria Producer Registration

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Company Name

Please provide the brand name that you would be selling under on EeBriaTrade

Contact Email Address
Best Contact Name

Who will be our main point of contact for questions about the account?

Direct Phone Number for the Best Contact

We'll only use this to get in touch about your registration, you can change the contact numbers on your account at a later stage if we move through to registration and launch

Business Phone Number (if different to the above)

If you have another phone number for contacting the business (e.g. for the warehouse or main office) please put this here


please provide the link as it will help us assess your products and branding and suitability for the site

What is the legal entity we would be working with?

Limited Company

Sole Trader

Partnership or Community Collective

Do you represent the producer directly?

Examples of an indirect representation would include an importer/distributor, an outsourced marketing company etc. This covers any relationship where EeBria's direct contact would not be with the original producer of any products sold.




VAT Registration

Are you VAT Registered?



If you are VAT Registered, please provide the Registration Number below


Do you have an AWRS number?



If yes, please provide it below
Please can you email your AWRS info pack to

Premises Licence

To sell to individuals through EeBriaTrade, or to venues who might not have their own license (for example offices with onsite bars for staff) you need to have a Premises Licence for off-site/retail sales. You do not need this to sell on EeBriaTrade, but if you do have one it does provide you with a sales benefit.

Do you have a Premises Licence?

This license must be attached to the planned dispatch address and cover off license activity



If yes, please provide a scan / photo of your premises licence to

We will be unable to mark you as licensed without a copy of your licence.

HMRC Certificate to Brew

To all prospective breweries signing up to sell through EeBriaTrade we are obliged to ask for a scan / photo copy of their Certificate to Brew, as evidence that they are a registered brewery for duty.

Is this relevant to you?



If yes, please provide a scan / photo of your Certificate to Brew to

We will keep this on file, this is purely for due diligence purposes, any duty payments remain the responsibility of the brewer.

Collection Address

Who is the best Contact Person for collections?

For example if you have a warehouse manager separate to your sales office. We prefer not to deal with third party warehouses and will have to go to you direct so you can liaise with your partners where needed. If you have an outsourced warehouse please still include details below

Best contact number?
Collection Address

Price Lists and Range

Please email any price lists, to and add to your mailing list