Moor Beer Company

Location: Bristol
Head Brewer: Justin Hawke

Moor Beer Co was born in a barn in deepest rural Somerset, but now live in the bright lights of the big city of Bristol. Run by an LA native who came to the South West via Germany and the San Francisco craft beer boom.

We are a small team who produce a range of beers made to the exacting standards of head brewer Justin Hawke.

Moor Beer is Modern Real Ale. All of our beers are natural, unfined, sometimes lightly hazy and most importantly enjoy their secondary fermentation in the container that they are delivered to you in, be that Cask, Keg, 660ml 'Bomber' or Can. The majority of our Malt comes from Tuckers Maltings in Devon, a local producer who still floor malts Barley in the traditional manner that ensures the best possible quality and that unique English character from the Malt. On occasion we also use speciality malts from Weyermann in Germany, again delivering the very best products available. The Hops we use tend to be North American or Antipodean, but we are constantly checking the market to find the perfect foil to the next beer we produce and we work with Faram Hop Development to bring new British varieties to market as well, such as the popular 'Jester' that we first brewed with in 2012 in the development phase, and welcomed back this year with it's first commercial crop. Innovation goes hand in hand with skill and control to produce well hopped beers that have a natural balance. Modern Real Ale is our blend of modern American artisan brewing with tradition from Britain and Germany to produce finely crafted Hop Forward beers that taste great every time. Check our Rate Beer scores, people seem to agree.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more